Did you miss the opportunity to queue to see Her Royal Majesty the Queen lying in state? Well now's your chance!

The Queen's Queue is a real-time game. You've just joined the queue at the 4.5-mile mark, and it will take approximately 25 hours to get to the end. But don't worry, you're constantly moving!

You must make sure not to lose your place - if someone overtakes you, you're out. But also don't try to push in by jumping ahead of other mourners - that's just gross.

You have 5 bottles of water and 2 sandwiches (marmalade, naturally) to keep your energy up. Make sure you don't gobble them all up too quickly, or forget about them altogether. Just click on the water bottle or sandwich to consume them.

Other than that, enjoy! And if you end up having to replay the game, enjoy the - ahem - totally intentional and absolutely on-purpose unlocked special effects 🥴

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